The Categories

Renovation Awards

Open to all residential renovations and restorations they are split into:

Master Build Services Renovation up to $500,000
• Bunnings Renovation $500,000 - $1 million 
• Renovation Over $1 million 

New Home Awards

Resene New Home up to $450,000
PlaceMakers New Home $450,000 - $550,000
New Home $550,000 - $700,000
• Nulook New Home $700,000 - $1 mill
• CARTERS New Home $1 million - $2 million
• New Home over $2 million
• Builders own home
• GIB Show home
• PlaceMakers Volume/Group Housing New Home up to $450K
• PlaceMakers Volume/Group Housing New Home $450K - $700K
• CARTERS Multi Unit (Apartments/Duplexes/Terrace Housing)*

* NOTE: The Multi Unit Award is a pan industry category open to all Construction Companies

Note: All categories with a price bracket are inclusive of GST.

Feature Home Awards

Builder's Own Home Award
Open to all renovations and new homes built by the builder for the builder.

GIB Show Home Award
An award for all show and spec homes that meet the criteria for number of days and months open to the public.

Craftsmanship Award
This award is presented to the entrant who attains the highest score out of the 1300 points available for the Workmanship section of the judging criteria.

Lifestyle Awards*

All residential entrants are automatically considered for these awards.
Outdoor Living - best integrates interior and outdoor living as a seamless expression of the homes design and construction.
Heart of the Home Kitchen – best meets the lifestyle, family and entertaining needs of it owners
Plumbing World Bathroom Excellence – best meets the lifestyle and family needs of its owners
Sustainable Home - recognising excellence in sustainable building
* Some of the local events also have an additional lifestyle unique to them.

Sapphire Award

Awarded to entrants who have achieved 3 regional supreme awards across either renovations or new builds. This can only be awarded once.

Platinum Award

Awarded to entrant who have achieved 5 national category awards across either renovations or new builds. This can only be awarded once.