What to Expect when Entering

The House of the Year competition is a key component of a Registered Master Builder’s marketing strategy.

The success of being awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze and then potentially Category and Supreme wins locally and nationally showcases the fantastic craftsmanship that has gone into creating New Zealand’s homes.

We have a number of builders who enter every year as they see these awards as the main string to their bow for on-going business. Although they are all well aware of the process, it can perhaps be a bit daunting for new entrants and their homeowners.

The information below sets out how the competition is run and the opportunities for the properties to be promoted both regionally and nationally.


• All Registered Master Builder members receive an entry guide in the post
• Entries open on-line Monday 9 January and close Monday 27 February
• The cost to enter comes in the form of a simple and affordable promotional package.

This package will include:
• Entry Fee
• Property Photography (including a copy for builders to keep)
• Full page promotion in the regional magazine. These regional publications are published nationally and distributed regionally.
• Promotion via the HOY website
• HOY Display Board
Cost: $1,600 per entry + GST

Discount for multiple entries

• 2nd entry will receive a 15% discount = $1360 + GST
• 3rd and subsequent entries a further 15% discount - $1120 + GST


• Your Regional Branch Manager will work with entrants to ensure that all entries are complete before sending to National Office for scrutineering. Properties are then scheduled for a local round of judging by a team comprising an architect/designer and a builder.
• We then notify all entrants and their homeowners of their judging date and time.


• Local judging takes place. Every property in each category is judged by the same two judges up and down the country. All judging panels come together to discuss and finalise the results.
• Results announced at the local events.

Approximately two weeks prior to the results being announced, each property is featured in their glossy regional House of the Year magazine. These magazines are distributed throughout the regions and are a fantastic opportunity to showcase your work locally.


• This is when the local House of the Year events take place around the country. Information regarding specific events (dates/venues etc) will be posted on this website.
• We encourage entrants to take along their staff and home owners as this is a celebration for all those involved.
• Note: There is a ticket price to attend these functions. For details contact your Regional Branch Manager.


• The National team pool together a maximum of 100 Gold Award winners across the country and schedule them for National Judging. Note: The Group/Volume Builder and the CARTERS Multi Unit categories will only be judged once.
• A new National Panel of two judges will re-judge all 100 properties with the exception of those mentioned above to decide who the national winners will be.
• Being taken through to the nationals is a fantastic achievement and gives builders the opportunity to go on to higher National Category and Supreme honours.
• Note: there is a National Judging Fee of $650 + GST to cover the judging of the property for the second time.
• The National Gala – this takes place in Auckland each year and is a highlight in the industry’s social calendar. Here we discover who the national winners are.
• Note: Registered Master Builders covers the cost of a builder or his/her representative to attend the function as well as providing one nights accommodation and travel to the event. Additional tickets are available for sale to those that wish to attend to support their builder.

This is a very brief rundown of how the competition works, please have a look through the rest of this website for more detailed information