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Angelique armstrong

“I’ve always been interested in art and design. When I left school I studied textile design at Wellington Design School. From there I began painting and owned a gallery which held both my own works, as well as other well know New Zealand artists. I had completed a few personal projects and design had always interested me but it wasn’t until my children were a bit older that I had time to go back to Design and Arts College to study Interior Architectural Design.”

Tell us about Christchurch and how it has inspired you:

In recent times Christchurch has needed more designers and builders to be able to keep up with the post- earthquake demand. This happened to coincide with the completion of my diploma and the launch of Armstrong Interiors. For me, it just happened at the right time of my life. I’m inspired by the people of Christchurch who come to me wanting my design services to rebuild their beloved homes (both new builds and renovations) to a modern and functional 2015 standard.

Do you use your home as a testing ground for your ideas?

I can’t stop using my home as a testing ground... I love interiors.

Describe your interior style at home:A recent interior design project by Angelique.

My home is a little eclectic, I have things that I bought 15 years ago, a few antiques and then also modern pieces of furniture. Just like my furniture, my artworks are modern pieces alongside classics such as Stoddard and Ralph Hoteres. My home is filled with the things I love and have collected over my lifetime.

Were you creative as a child?

Yes, very creative which was always supported and encouraged by my mother and grandmother. I found a lot of enjoyment creating colour, designing, painting, sketching and even designing dresses and fabrics.

What’s the most satisfying design project you’ve worked on?

Last year I was asked to complete a full renovation right from design to completion. This home had been severely damaged from the earthquakes and was also ready to been modernised. The brief included kitchen design and entertainment area, bathroom design, storage, walk-in wardrobes, full Interiors and furniture design. This project took over a year to complete. My clients were wonderful people to work for. We had a look in mind and together we created a beautiful space for them to share with family and friends. They were very happy with the outcome, which made me feel very satisfied with what we had achieved.

What else inspires your work?

Lighting by Italian brand Henge is a favourite.New fabric and wallpaper collections, a well set up interior store,shopping overseas and in Auckland, pintrest and visiting international hotels and restaurants.

Tell us about your dream home.

In the countryside on a large piece of land with a view. Modern, single level, warm and a great place to entertain friends. At the moment I need to be in town but one day that would be my dream project.

What is the best thing you’ve brought back from an overseas trip?

Beautiful silk curtain tie-backs from Italy.

Which international brand do you most admire?

I love the brand HENGE. They are italian made and their lighting and furniture is absolutely stunning.


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