Bathroom Report

All out luxury

The addition of a comfortable chair and the odd oil painting in a bathroom is one thing. But, a fireplace? Why not? Treat your bathroom as a room you’d like to spend a lot of time in and it starts to become obvious a fireplace isn’t a bad idea at all, as in this Superlativa Kale Italia Turkish tiled example. Tiles from Gallery 4.

Safe haven

Have somewhere for your precious rings and knick-knacks while you’re in the bathroom. This fox trinket plate will do the trick nicely. $45, from Alex & Corban.

The jet-set

Methven’s Aurajet Aio Shower System is not just a pretty face. The technology was enough to win the Best of the Best at this year’s Red Dot Awards, which recognises outstanding design concepts. The halo-shaped showerhead with hidden nozzles gives individual jets of water that collide at precise angles, creating fans of water and a luxurious, efficient shower full-bodied spray and maximum contact. That’s what it takes to become an award-winning shower. $1500 for white insert shower.

The WC

Big news on the toilet-front with the introduction of the rim-free toilet. The benefits of easier cleaning and better hygiene are fairly self-explanatory. The water comes from some holes at the back of pan, designed to swirl around. Le Fiabe toilet including flush plates, $1440, from Bath Co.

In a lather

Soaps should be an everyday indulgence. A small collection in attractive packaging adds aesthetic appeal to any bathroom. Keep soaps in their place, not slip, sliding away, with a functional soap dish.

The Society Inc. enamel soap dish, $62, from Father Rabbit

The Society Inc. Tinsmith soap dish, $55, from Father Rabbit

Kala Seaweed Soap, $20, from Isabel Harris

Gruff Organic Goat’s Milk & Coconut Soap,$14, from Smith & Caughey’s

Malin + Goetz Peppermint Soap Bar,  $23 (left)  Korres Pomegranate Soap, $7 (right) from Mecca Cosmetica

Former glory

Victorian and Art Deco flourishes in the bathroom are easily achieved with a luxurious pedestal basin and tapware. As well as contemporary styles, Perrin & Rowe and Hawthorn Hill each do a fabulous line in heritage-looking bathware. From In Residence.


Perrin & Rowe shower, $2270; and Hawthorn Hill towel warmer with radiator, $3650; both from In Residence



Perrin & Rowe bath filler on floor legs with levers, $1970, from In Residence


A good soaking

If you have the room, a statement bath is well worth the investment. As well as providing hydrotherapy, they’re a wonderful architectural feature. LeVivi Lucca Bath, $1910, from Plumbing World.

Mood lighting

A bath and scented candles go together like tea and toast. Combine fragrance and ambient light for complete sensory immersion. Luxury Wanaka candlemakers George + Edi do a full range of fragranced candles, but their scented tea lights are a nice variation on the theme. Favourites are Oak Moss and French Pear in candles, $39 or tea lights, $23 for six.


BIT on the side

Sideboards, buffets and consoles may well be part of the furniture but if you choose one you love it’ll never blend into the background. Plus, you get to stash stuff away and display your objects – win win.


Built for comfort

Baby it’s cold outside. So, create warmth inside with inviting interiors full of creature comforts.