Bathroom Report

All out luxury

The addition of a comfortable chair and the odd oil painting in a bathroom is one thing. But, a fireplace? Why not? Treat your bathroom as a room you’d like to spend a lot of time in and it starts to become obvious a fireplace isn’t a bad idea at all, as in this Superlativa Kale Italia Turkish tiled example. Tiles from Gallery 4.

Safe haven

Have somewhere for your precious rings and knick-knacks while you’re in the bathroom. This fox trinket plate will do the trick nicely. $45, from Alex & Corban.

The jet-set

Methven’s Aurajet Aio Shower System is not just a pretty face. The technology was enough to win the Best of the Best at this year’s Red Dot Awards, which recognises outstanding design concepts. The halo-shaped showerhead with hidden nozzles gives individual jets of water that collide at precise angles, creating fans of water and a luxurious, efficient shower full-bodied spray and maximum contact. That’s what it takes to become an award-winning shower. $1500 for white insert shower.

The WC

Big news on the toilet-front with the introduction of the rim-free toilet. The benefits of easier cleaning and better hygiene are fairly self-explanatory. The water comes from some holes at the back of pan, designed to swirl around. Le Fiabe toilet including flush plates, $1440, from Bath Co.

In a lather

Soaps should be an everyday indulgence. A small collection in attractive packaging adds aesthetic appeal to any bathroom. Keep soaps in their place, not slip, sliding away, with a functional soap dish.

The Society Inc. enamel soap dish, $62, from Father Rabbit

The Society Inc. Tinsmith soap dish, $55, from Father Rabbit

Kala Seaweed Soap, $20, from Isabel Harris

Gruff Organic Goat’s Milk & Coconut Soap,$14, from Smith & Caughey’s

Malin + Goetz Peppermint Soap Bar,  $23 (left)  Korres Pomegranate Soap, $7 (right) from Mecca Cosmetica

Former glory

Victorian and Art Deco flourishes in the bathroom are easily achieved with a luxurious pedestal basin and tapware. As well as contemporary styles, Perrin & Rowe and Hawthorn Hill each do a fabulous line in heritage-looking bathware. From In Residence.


Perrin & Rowe shower, $2270; and Hawthorn Hill towel warmer with radiator, $3650; both from In Residence



Perrin & Rowe bath filler on floor legs with levers, $1970, from In Residence


A good soaking

If you have the room, a statement bath is well worth the investment. As well as providing hydrotherapy, they’re a wonderful architectural feature. LeVivi Lucca Bath, $1910, from Plumbing World.

Mood lighting

A bath and scented candles go together like tea and toast. Combine fragrance and ambient light for complete sensory immersion. Luxury Wanaka candlemakers George + Edi do a full range of fragranced candles, but their scented tea lights are a nice variation on the theme. Favourites are Oak Moss and French Pear in candles, $39 or tea lights, $23 for six.


Open for business

A home office should never be the kitchen table. Confusing work and living is not a way to encourage output. For efficiency’s sake set up your office in a room away from the communal living space. Make it a place you want to go to, complete with personal touches


Waikato Design Trends Q & A with Vicky den Hertog

Owner of Hamilton furniture and homeware boutique, Le French Quarter