East Coast Design Trends Q & A with Vic Bibby

One half of Hawke's Bay design duo Bibby+Brady

What’s your background?

I worked as a graphic designer for 15 years and became interested in interior design after purchasing our first home. I started a blog called Cush & Nooks as a creative outlet for my newfound passion, which quickly grew into a business, so I stepped from graphic design into interiors. I felt it was where I should’ve been working all along, but my background in graphics and advertising has been invaluable. A few years after Cush & Nooks was founded, a coffee with a friend, Dael Brady, resulted in the birth of Bibby+Brady. Dael had recently finished studying interiors and had a background in event management. Combining our skills and strengths made sense and, with my existing following, we picked up our first client within minutes of making the announcement on my Facebook page. Our business has grown from strength to strength and I feel blessed every day to be working in a job I’m so passionate about. Thanks to the brilliance of technology, we successfully work with clients nationwide, as well as our fabulous Hawke’s Bay clients.

Palms pouf from Bibby + Brady.

Do you use your home as a testing ground for ideas?

Absolutely. In our job we are immersed in the interiors world 24/7. We are exposed to different styles from all over the world, a lot of which I share on our Facebook page to inspire others. I’m always wanting to try new things in our own home, and that’s often how we discover favourite paint colours, fabrics, furniture and homewares that we can then confidently share with our clients.

Vic Bibby's own home.

Describe your own interior style.

We hold styling evenings about discovering your interior style. I believe everyone should have their own individual style and not slot into a box – the best homes are those that are unique and reflect their owners. Knowing your style makes shopping for, and decorating your home, so much easier. I guess my own style is relaxed-boho glam. We have a busy household with kids and animals coming and going, so I want it to be warm, inviting and relaxing without being too precious. I adore pattern and texture and am drawn to pieces with a global feel that tell a story. I’m also a bit of a girly-girl and
love a touch of bling, so there are plenty of brass and gold accents.

What’s your favourite recent design by another designer?

Anna Spiro is a favourite designer. She recently did the interiors for Halcyon House, a beautiful beachside hotel in New South Wales, Australia. She created a glamorous yet relaxing environment and has an extraordinary talent for mixing patterns and combining old and new to add interest, depth and soul. I think Douglas & Bec are insanely talented – the pieces they create are breathtakingly beautiful. Other favourites are Emily Henderson, Lynda Gardener, and Cortney and Robert Novogratz.

Croass Brass coffee table and stool by Douglas & Bec.

Do you have any tips for arranging spaces?

Start by editing – declutter and remove any pieces that are not beautiful, functional or sentimental. Surround yourself with pieces that you absolutely love and your home will make you very happy. Stick to a palette of three to four main colours and repeat them throughout your home for a cohesive feel. Use rugs and lights to help zone areas, especially in open-plan spaces. Vary the size, shape and form of your accessories to create interest on your shelves and surfaces. And when it comes to art, if in doubt, go bigger.

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