Mid & South Canterbury Design Trends Q & A with Annabel Berry

Creative Director of Design Federation in Omaru.

How did you become an interior designer?

After we built our first home I turned my passion for interiors into a career. I re-trained in interior design and launched Design Federation in 2012 – it is pure joy to go to work every day and do something that I love.

Do you use your home as a testing ground or ideas?

Absolutely – our house is a constant evolution. I also have the luxury of our studio being in a house with five rooms where we can test different colour palettes, paint applications and styles. The beauty about interior design is that you are constantly learning. I’ve never had the same brief twice – each client is individual and deserves unique and personalised treatment, so we are always looking for solutions that will best represent them.

Tell us about your dream home.

Anywhere my family is

Hall Seat by Douglas & Bec.

Describe your interior style at home.

We have a busy family home with three toddlers under five so it is a very creative space. Our interior is relaxed, coastal-calm to offset the busy lifestyle we lead. My personal style is modern-vintage – mixing older style pieces into a modern environment and exploring how this mix can blend to create an impactful and unique interior.

What’s your favourite recent design by another designer?

I‘m a fan of anything locally made – there are some really beautiful furniture and lighting pieces being made by New Zealand designers such as Simon James Design, Tim Webber, and Douglas & Bec, to name a few. The more we can support local design the better.

Y Stools by Tim Webber Design.

What else inspires you?

North Otago is such a great place to live. We have incredible natural beauty from the ocean, beaches, rivers, lakes and mountains. Our built heritage, limestone country and people make this one of the best places to live in the world.

What is the best thing you’ve brought back from an overseas trip?

Lots – the latest was a large conch shell from Fiji. We had two and they only let us bring one in, but it is a beauty!

Which living designer do you most admire and why?

I admire anyone who can put together an original and breathtaking space. We see results like this locally all the time, and often it is not from a designer but it could be from a mum at home who has put together her space in such a way that takes your breath away. I love how New Zealanders are taking more risks with interiors, and doing what feels right to us, not what other people expect.

Octo lights by Secto Design from Simon James Design.

Do you have any tips for arranging spaces?

Spend time at the start thinking about how you would like the space to look and feel and consider how you would use it. Planning saves time and money in the long term. Putting together a moodboard and exploring colour palettes and styles you love will ensure you don’t spend money on items that are not going to fit with your overall scheme. When all else fails, don’t be scared to use a designer, we can give you sound advice and confidence to deliver your dream interior. 

Headboard by Design Federation.

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