Q & A with Christchurch interior designer Larissa Hamilton

Less is the next big thing interiors-wise.

Conscious consumerism means we focus on finding the items we love, those that mean something to us, whether or not they are “on trend”. We are seeing a growing number of customers wanting to know the origin of a product and the people behind it, which is wonderful. 


I focus on, and celebrate, natural textures and materials.

Items that tell a soul story – about the person who made them, usually by hand, and the context the items were created in. I am always drawn to soft, muted colours and textural elements that add interest. 


I’m looking forward to seeing the back of chevron patterns.

When it finally became mainstream, it was already out of date.


Indoor plants are the easiest way to transform a home.

My number one tip for creating a welcoming space. Adding foliage indoors is an accessible way to transform your home and bring some personality, colour and texture into your space.


It’s your home. Your rules.

That’s the golden rule of decorating. Create a home you love, that makes you feel good every time you walk through the front door after a long day. Don’t create your home for guests that visit once in a while. Your home is your space to enjoy and live in, so decorate it for yourself, not the occasional house guest.


Well-chosen pieces of furniture finish a home, so budget for these in any build


Every home should have underfloor heating.

It’s a game-changer during chilly Christchurch winters.


Spend the most money on kitchens and bathrooms.

These are the rooms that will really suffer if you don’t.


Commit to the right furniture.

As well as spending money on kitchens and bathrooms, I’d also encourage people to make sure there is a reserve left after their build or renovation for the final, crucial layer – that is buying the right furniture. We’ve seen some gorgeous homes over the years, but it can be hard for those homes to really shine without the right furniture, and thoughtful placement thereof. Less can often be more here, but quality pieces are the final layer that are most noticed, and most often, overlooked. 

You can always save in areas such as tiles and lighting. 

And, yes, even furniture. Don’t be afraid to ask for an overall quote based on your selection if you are looking to purchase a number of items, or in a larger quantity. At Corcovado, we always consider each customer, and their furniture selection, individually, as we seek to create a win-win outcome every time.


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