Q & A with Napier-based interior designer Dael Brady


An interior designer will save you time, money and hassle.

Our job is to avoid costly mistakes and help increase the value of a property. Interior designers have a fantastic network of suppliers, know where to go for resources and understand how spaces work cohesively. An interior designer is insurance against having to replace, return or fix, which can be expensive and heartbreaking.


My own interiors style is very relaxed. 

I like to mix vintage and new pieces for warmth and timeless appeal with elements that delight and surprise.

Fresh paint is the fastest way to transform a space, then add back only treasured pieces to avoid a cluttered feel and create a calm haven

More is more.

It’s the next big thing. We’re seeing tassels and trims in soft furnishings – those little touches that elevate a piece. There’s a bolder use of colour –  rich blues, greens, mustards, burnt oranges. Softer colours feature too: ­like sage, French blue, and dusty pink, but they have a bit of depth that stops them being too sweet and sugary. And more clients are excited to use wallpaper in their homes to add interest, pattern and colour.  


I won’t be sad to see the back of Scandinavian design. 

It’s not that I don’t like it, but I feel it’s been over-saturated and we’re ready for people to push the boundaries a bit more.


Editing and decluttering gives a house an instant lift.

It’s the easiest way to transform a home and gives you a feeling of satisfaction. Strip your room and then start adding pieces back in. Be ruthless and only keep those pieces you love and/or that are functional. Get painting, it’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint instantly transforms a space. Also, adding a vase of foliage or flowers is a quick and easy way to uplift and add interest, colour and texture to a space.  


Decorating is a mix of following your heart and your head.

That’s the golden rule. Start with a plan. This will give the space an overall feeling of cohesiveness and clear direction. Then, fill your home with pieces that you love and it will always bring you happiness. 



Every home should have a strong sense of who lives there.

It should have personality and individuality, so that it doesn’t look like a show room, but a much-loved home.


Always invest in a beautiful sofa.

A good-quality sofa can be expensive, but they’re totally worth it as the workmanship, quality and comfort is amazing.


Second-hand shopping can yield bargains.

It’s an excellent way to discover special vintage pieces that add interest and personality.


Follow the rules of proportion to achieve a balanced interior.

The pieces you use to decorate need to work together and in the space they’re contained in. Furniture that’s too big will affect the flow and make the room feel awkward. Too small and it won’t feel cosy or inviting.


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Compiled by Catherine Steel