Q & A with Queenstown interior designer Emma Gould

An interior designer will help you get a beautiful look that works throughout your home.

The original concept will come through in every design. A good designer knows what works and puts everything together with style and flair, which is an art. Trust your designer and be realistic with your budget and you’ll have a bespoke space which should be all and more than you imagined.


My own interiors style is timeless and stylish. 

More colour and texture throughout the home is really happening.  Right now, I’m really enjoying this year’s collection of fabrics and wall coverings, particularly printed velvets, which I’ve always loved and also the amazing wallpapers, such as the new collection by Martyn Lawrence Bullard for Cole & Sons.


Respect the essence of who lives in the house, while preserving the essence of where the space is and adding in an element of surprise.

This is the golden rule of decorating.

Personalising rooms and adding splashes of strong colour help bring character to your home

Spend the most money on the kitchen.

The way we live in our homes now means this area is so much more than just a place to cook. I’m all for a fabulous marble or granite countertop and splashback – they give every home a wow factor.


Be creative with alternative materials.

You can save money by using an engineered wood, a ceramic tile or composite stone. Every home should have a hint of glamour. Enough said.


I won’t be sorry to see the back of colourless homes.

Every home needs layers of texture, colour and pattern, which give a sense of warmth and a welcoming factor, particularly here
in Queenstown during the colder months.


Marble and natural stone are the ultimate.

If money were no object I’d include them in every job.