Q&A with Bay of Plenty interior designer Corrine Mossop

How did you end up in interiors?

I started out with a handbag label which did well, and everything evolved from there. I had designed some pieces of furniture and my passion for interiors grew. I then started working in the industry and completed formal studies in 2012

What do you say to those who think they don’t need someone to tell them how to decorate?

Be intentional about your design decisions and you’ll be most happy with them.

Upholstered bedheads give an air of femininity to a bedroom

What’s your interior style?

Modern glam with a twist of rustic refined style. It is ever evolving.

Can you share one of your style secrets?

Style is all about planning. Successful interior projects are those that are well thought out. The secret to style is first understanding what it is that you are trying to achieve, and how that will work in your environment. Then add your flare and essence to the project – whether minimal, modern or eclectic.

If money was no object, what would you include in every job?

A grand entrance that invites you in, be it with doors, urns and pots, gardens, gates or driveways – anything that’s well put together. As an after- thought, we all need an infinity pool.

What’s the next big thing interior wise?

Speciality paint and stain finishes that achieve a moody, smoky feel. Look forward to raw, earthy textures like timber, clay and wicker and a more industrial cohesion, incorporating black steel and burnished metals into the home. Dark shades of green have taken over from navy and midnight blues. Look out for jewel hues inspired from metals, space and clouds. Soft furnishings see a return to upholstered bedheads instead of timber bed frames. Couple with feminine fabrics, with a dash of sparkle and interest.

Easiest way to transform a home?

Refresh your home with paint. There are multiple options and not just for your walls. You can update and refresh your kitchen cabinetry. By changing out the room’s hardware and lighting, you can make a difference and update its look.

Your dream house?

A modern barn-style house with lots of rustic natural timbers.  A combination of modern decor with the flair of vintage-glam, where I can showcase my painting skills throughout the house.  A must-have is racked ceilings in the dining/lounge area.

This bedroom’s style has been carefully planned

Corrine Mossop is a paint effects expert. Where others see a wall to be painted, she sees a canvas


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