Resene Update: Quick change artists

Dark nights

Dark walls are fast becoming the new neutrals. Resene’s Indian Ink, an ultra-dark blue described as a “night without moonlight”, is a great example. Incredibly versatile, depending on how they’re styled, moody shades are ideal for a classic room, a coastal vibe or a contemporary look. Just brighten with the likes of a mid-century sofa (above) and printed or metallic cushions as a foil for light-sapping shades.


Natural attraction

Step your neutral walls up a notch this season with soft muted shades of green. There’s an ease and earthiness to these colours – Resene Bud is a classic – that make them ideal for having as a backdrop to your life. They’re a great choice for organic interiors that are rooted in nature. This colour palette complements wooden objects, hand-made pottery and woven baskets wonderfully well.

Artistic expression

Sometimes, wallpaper is a bold choice. This Resene Wallpaper Collection DR6321 is exactly that. The peacock pattern is not for shrinking violets, but rather for those assured of their decision path. This is all about personal style, not bland trend. This pattern is a head-turner, particularly when finessed with Deco pieces which are making a welcome return to the design fold. 

Purple reigns

Ultra violet is the Pantone colour of the year. We prefer a dirtier shade of purple, such as this bedroom wall in Resene Gun Powder. Restful, soothing and contemporary, these tones give a bedroom a womb-like quality. Textures such as linen bedding and matte-glazed pots keep the vibe thoroughly modern, particularly if you paint some drawers in a similar tone to your wall. 


Queenstown supreme build’s beautiful craftmanship impresses

An impressive and beautifully crafted Queenstown home has won a Supreme Award at the Southern Registered Master Builders 2017 House of the Year competition.


Open for business

A home office should never be the kitchen table. Confusing work and living is not a way to encourage output. For efficiency’s sake set up your office in a room away from the communal living space. Make it a place you want to go to, complete with personal touches