Southern Design Directions - Talia O'Connor

In person with Dunedin interior designer and owner of MintSix

Talia O'Connor

“I’m married to a Brit and we have two little girls who are five and eight-years-old. We’ve lived in many different cities over the last 15 years, the most recent being Melbourne. We decided to move back to my hometown of Dunedin a couple of years ago and I knew if I was ever going to fulfil my dream of opening a homewares and interior styling business, this was the time to do it.”

Otago-rasied, Talia is enjoying living back home.


Describe your interior style at home.

“I’m a bit of a collector so we have furniture and decor objects from all over the world, both old and new. My interior style is constantly changing and evolving. I have a great appreciation for colour but my own home has a white or grey base with predominantly soft colours, apart from in the girls’ rooms where a few primary colours sneak in. The aim is to be more minimalist at home but I have too many ‘things’ that always manage to sneak into one of the many vignettes I have all over the house.”


Which New Zealand designer do you admire?

A vignette from Talia's Dunedin store Mintsix.

”Shoe designer Kathryn Wilson. I heard her speak at the Queenstown Chamber of Commerce Women’s Business Conference last year and she was



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