The Update: Market Report

Burn baby burn

Pushed out by scented candles for too long, incense is having a second coming. Long a major part of the ritual of devotion throughout India and Asia, in the Western world patchouli sticks fell out of favour post the age of Aquarius. How lovely then that incense has been poshed up by the likes of French outfit Astier de Villatte. Its Yakushima Incense is handmade in Japan using the fragrance from 1000-year-old cedar trees. $78 for a box of 125 sticks, and Astier de Villatte’s Augustus Incense Holder, $125; both from Tessuti.

Fix you a drink

The American obsession for bars at home is catching on. So, in the spirit of Don Draper, we’re getting in on the act. Press a tray into service or use a shelf or console to have glasses, bottles, an ice bucket and cocktail-making book at the ready, so you can play bartender. Or, commandeer a cart specially designated for the job.

Doggone housework

Those cute ball-of-fluff puppies and kittens are just adorable – until it’s time to vacuum. Miele’s new Blizzard CX1 Cat&Dog Powerline Bagless Cylinder Vacuum, $899, comes to the rescue. The turbo brush and vortex technology ensures hair, fluff and dust are removed from carpets for a deep clean.

Rich pickings

Now is the winter of our content. Rich velvets, tufted ottomans and sumptuous jewel colours all create a sense of opulence. While you don’t want to turn your house into a love-letter to the Belle Epoque, a velvet sofa or rich emerald curtains definitely add a sense of drama.

Shaker it up

Shaker style honours simplicity, utility and honesty – worthy words and a winning formula for long-lasting interiors. The Shakers were a religious sect that established communities in 18th and 19th century New England. Hard-working and industrious, they were largely self-sufficient building their houses and furniture, as well as inventing the screw propeller and circular saw. But what they are mostly revered for these days is their distinctive and highly collectable furniture.