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This home in Palmerston North has received a cracking-good makeover, laying out plenty of wide-open spaces, inside and out. From the modern kitchen to the vast veranda, there’s room for the entire extended family.

Dark dividing walls were downed, making way for up-to-date, light-filled, open-plan living. There’s loads of room to catch up with visitors in the brand-new kitchen with modern appliances and a large pantry. In a loving nod to the past, the oak dining table and coffee table from the original rooms of the house were remodelled to form the new island benchtop, along with other parts of the new joinery. The laundry attached to the kitchen was fitted with fresh cabinetry to match. A new roof and supporting structure have been seamlessly installed at the entrance. Cedar doors greet guests on arrival. Like the building itself, the foyer is grand and inviting, offering multiple passages into the home. The beautiful, carpeted central staircase invites visitors up to the classically balustraded mezzanine. Below, a series of doorways draw you deeper into the lower-level living spaces. French doors in the lounge area have been taken out and the opening widened to accommodate contemporary glass bi-folds. Bricks that had been removed from the existing house were re-laid around the new bi-folds. The outdoor entertaining space is topped off with beautifully constructed timber rafters. Pendant lights made from recycled cake tins and teapots add a charmingly old-fashioned personal touch. With five bedrooms and three living spaces, this newly refurbished English-style country home won’t stay empty for long.


Renovation up to $250,000