Steel the scenery

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Conceived as an upturned boat, this remarkable Taiharuru bach was commissioned for a sailing enthusiast and sits harmoniously on the shore. Rugged Corten-clad volumes contrast with the warm interior hoop-pine lining. The high-grade steel, imported from the US, is specially designed to weather the coastal environment. The material has been aged further, giving the modern home an established look in line with its neighbours. The overall theme is cosy, but still totally high-tech. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a striking spacious open plan make for relaxed retired living. Polished concrete floors also provide thermal mass for solar gain. Their tone is perfectly in keeping with the interior ply lining. The design incorporates practical features with positive energy. A Corten rainscreen sits atop a fully tanked membrane. Solar PVs, flush with the rainscreen, power the house. Energy-efficient LEDs add subtle ambience and highlight this stellar design. 


$1 million - $2 million