Tree house

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This family holiday home in Hahei is a work of art and engineering. While appearing simple, the technical aspects and structural elements are staggering. Situated above one of New Zealand’s best beaches, the home maximises steep topography and the majestic pohutukawa on the site. Four pavilions, all constructed in the same materials, are stacked on top of the other, yet slightly askew. This gives each level a pleasingly different outlook. The concept of ‘touching the ground lightly’ has been adopted and creates a floating effect. As much of the home is on show, either from above or below, all aspects have been finished with fine attention to detail. A “gin and tonic” top deck provides a breathtaking vista and adds a subtle elegance to the streetscape. Visible supporting structures have been designed to mimic the surrounding pohutukawa branches. The true scale of the beach home is disguised until you set foot inside. With four bedrooms, four bathrooms and three living areas, including an ultra-contemporary kitchen, there’s really no excuse to leave.


New Home over $2 million