Genetically blessed

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When the New York-based owners of this Coromandel retreat return home, they leave a little piece of themselves behind. Known as the DNA house, this build features a series of bifolding perforated metal screens which serve to filter light and provide an element of privacy. The apparently random perforations are in fact based on the coded patterns of the family’s DNA, bringing a truly unique touch to the home. The screens are also reminiscent of Manhattan’s iconic skyscrapers. Hovering above the site, the house appears to defy gravity. It opens to the north for sun and idyllic views. The lower level contains two bedrooms, each with a bathroom. Open-air soaking can be enjoyed from the comfort of a freestanding tub. Timber-lined walls provide warmth, softness and a feeling of enclosure. A floor hatch with rope ladder provides a direct and energetic connection between the levels, or head up to the living zone via suspended timber stairs. Open-plan living is sheltered thanks to generous roof overhangs over the expansive decks. The level of craftsmanship so impressed the judges, the home won the Craftsmanship National title, as well as a Special Award, awarded at the judges' discretion for having such a wonderful DNA story attached to it.


New Home over $2 Million