The Categories

Renovation Awards

Open to all residential renovations and restorations they are split into:

  • Renovation up to $500,000
  • Renovation $500,000 - $1 million
  • Bunnings Renovation Over $1 million

New Home Awards

  • New Home up to $450,000
  • New Home $450,000 - $600,000
  • New Home $600,000 - $750,000
  • Altus Window Systems New Home $750,000 - $1 million
  • CARTERS New Home $1 million - $1.5 million 
  • New Home $1.5 million - $2 million 
  • Resene New Home over $2 million
  • Builders Own Home
  • GIB Show home
  • Volume/Group Housing New Home up to $450K
  • Volume/Group Housing New Home $450K - $750K
  • Master Build 10 year Guarantee Multi Unit (Apartments/Duplexes/Terrace Housing)

Note: All categories with a price bracket are inclusive of GST.

Pink Batts Craftsmanship Award

This award is presented to the entrant who attains the highest score out of the 1300 points available for the Workmanship section of the judging criteria. 

Feature Home Awards

Builder's Own Home Award
Open to all renovations and new homes built by the builder for the builder.

Show Home Award
An award for all show and spec homes that meet the criteria for number of days and months open to the public.

Lifestyle Awards

In addition to the House of the Year award categories; there are four Lifestyle Awards categories and a local Lifestyle Award in some regions.

All entrants in the competition are eligible to be win these awards with the exception of the APL Sustainable Excellence Award which you have to select on your entry form to be judged for.

Winners of the Lifestyle Awards will be selected from all entries regardless of their category. There can only be one winner of each Lifestyle Award per regional event providing it meets the points threshold, with no other places awarded.

Only one property wins each Lifestyle Award and to be eligible they must receive at least 90% of the points available with the exception of the Sustainable Award where a minimum of 80% of the points available must be achieved.

Should an entrant wish to be judged for the APL Sustainable Excellence Award, they will be required to tick a box on the entry form, provide a descriptive and 2 photos. If they don’t provide this, the award will not be judged.

PLEASE NOTE: The brand associated with sponsoring each of the Lifestyle Awards does not imply that only those homes using those products must be recipients of the award.

Kitchen Excellence Award
This award will be given to the home that meets the lifestyle, family and entertaining needs of its owners. Judges will look for form and function of the kitchen area including design, workmanship, quality of materials, use of light and space, and overall functionality.

Plumbing World Bathroom Excellence Award
This will be given to the home with a bathroom that meets the lifestyle and family needs of its owners. Judges will look for the bathroom that best demonstrates obvious workmanship quality, specification and installation requirements have been met, and functionality of design and fittings.

Outdoor Living Excellence Award
The Outdoor Living Award recognises a Registered Master Builder’s commitment to creating a quality home and outdoor living environment that suits the style and personality of the owners. This award will be given to the home that best integrates interior and outdoor living as a seamless expression of the homes design and construction.

APL Sustainable Excellence Award
This award recognises and rewards new approaches to building and renovating homes. Judges will consider the way in which the building company has incorporated sustainable principles in the home’s design, choice and installation of materials and in the way in which it has been built.

Below is guidance on what some of the sustainable aspect the judges will be looking at. This is not limited to this only and can change.

Design/Dwelling Performance

  • Heating efficiency, passive storage, thermal qualities
  • Solar technology – Battery storage, selling to grid, hot water, back up
  • Stormwater management, water saving, down pipes to storage tanks
  • Airflow & Ventilation- Reduce overheating, control of sun & light
  • Other systems/products that enhance performance

Product Selection

  • Insulation rating, type of glazing & joinery
  • Construction materials creating thermal mass
  • Sustainable / recycled materials

Application and Workmanship

  • Quality of application/workmanship
  • Appropriate locations of install system

Regional Lifestyle Awards
In some regions there is a Regional Lifestyle Award.

All entrants in that region are eligible for this award except for the Smart Home Award which you have to choose to be judged for.

These awards vary for each region and in 2021 we have:

  • Auckland / Northland / Coromandel - PDL by Schneider Electric Smart Home Award
  • Bay of Plenty & Central Plateau - Gerrand Flooring Lifestyle Award
  • Waikato - Carpet Mill Lifestyle Award
  • Taranaki - People's Choice Award: voted by the Public
  • Nelson / Marlborough / West Coast - Hubbers Flooring and Soft Furnishings Interior Design
  • Wellington & Wairarapa - HUI Kitchens Interior Design
  • Canterbury - McKenzie & Willis Interior Design Award
  • Mid & South Canterbury - Latitude Magazine
  • Southern - McKenzie & Willis Interior Design Award and PDL by Schneider Electric Smart Home Award

Special Award

Introduced in 2019 this is awarded to entrants at the discretion of the judges for a specific outstanding project or element of a project that they fell is worthy of recognition. 

Sapphire Award

Sapphire awards recognise outstanding achievement in building excellence and are awarded to companies who win three or more Regional Supreme titles.

Platinum Award

This award is bestowed on builders who achieve outstanding achievement in building excellence and win five or more National Category titles, two of which can be lifestyle awards.