How They Are Judged

All category entrants in each region are judged by the same panel of two judges e.g. a New Home up to $500,000 in Wellington will be judged by the same two people that will judge all other categories in Wellington.

The judges go through each property and decide on the score against the set criteria for its category. 

How the Scoring Works

Each property is judged against a scorecard of 2000 points (1300 Workmanship and 700 Design, Style and Functionality). Note:  Multi Unit properties are judged (1100 Workmanship and 900 Design, Style, Functionality and general consideration).  Properties are then awarded either Gold, Silver, Bronze or no award as set out in the diagram below.

The scoring is calculated as follows:


Workmanship = 65% and Retention or creation of character integration and future proofing = 35%

New Homes

Workmanship = 65%, and Design, functionality and style = 35%

Multi Unit (Apartments, Duplexes, Terrace Housing)

Workmanship = 55%, and Design, functionality, style and general considerations = 45%


  • Renovations (including Builders Own Home renovations) Awards Judging Criteria PDF (183kb)
  • New Home and Builder's Own Home Awards Judging Criteria PDF (222kb)
  • Volume/Group Housing New Home Awards Judging Criteria PDF (184 KB)

  • Master Build 10 year Guarantee Multi Unit (Apartments/Duplexes/Terrace Housing) New Home Award Judging Criteria PDF (122KB)


Registered Master Builders House of The Year judges Faye Pearson-Green and Tony Pexton in a Richmond house.