Q & A with Nelson interior designer Wendy Osborne

Copper, brass and black metal finishes are the next big thing. 

Along with lots of colour and more detail, it’s a much warmer, cosier trend than the recent bland, boring, grey interiors of late.


My style is contemporary classic – with a twist. 

I like to create a timeless look with visual impact and a warm, inviting atmosphere. 


There’s no excuse for a flat screen TV over the fireplace.

It’s one trend I won’t be sorry to see the back of. 

Dress your rooms to enhance their proportions — timeless classics such as quality curtains help with this — then accessorise for impact.

Using a deep colour on the walls is an easy way to transform a room. 

It’s an effective way to transform a bland, uninteresting space into something special. You immediately add visual interest and warmth and it can hide the fact that everything else in the room is a bit tired. It’s also easy to change the colour when you tire of it.

Good proportions are everything. 

Achieving them is the golden rule of successful decoration. Oh, and having a focal point in every room.


Spend money on something that will make an impact.

A large artwork is a good example. Splash out on something you’ve fallen in love with and it’ll give you enjoyment every day and add a richness and complexity to the room.


Save money on plain fabrics.

As long as they’re good quality, plain sofas and curtains can be made interesting by splashing out on designer fabrics for cushions, a beautiful rug and art.


A stunning piece of furniture never goes astray. 

If money were no object, I’d include something knock-out in every job. It could be an antique or a new, designer piece to create a special focus for the room. Also, beautiful lighting fixtures are really important, as they can make a huge difference to the look of a room.