Q & A with Wellington-based design duo Kate Symes and Tania Hussey 2018

Live with what you love.

That’s our golden rule of decorating. Don’t think you need to have the latest and greatest interiors. At the end of the day, you’re the one who has to live in your home.


A fresh coat of paint works wonders.

It’s one of the easiest ways to transform a  home, as is the right placement of furniture and accessories.

Be brave and give an interior designer a go.

You’ll soon realise the value one can offer. We have lots of simple tips and tricks to work within a client’s budget, without compromising the overall design and end result.


Sustainability is important.

In the interiors world, it’s the next big thing. One look we love for interiors and exteriors alike is the use of concrete – it’s sustainable and really sings to us.


We have a mix of personal styles.

Tania’s a little bit mid-century and Scandi, and Kate’s all about contemporary and minimalistic.


We won’t be sad to see the demise of the ‘three pendants above a kitchen island bench’ look.



Every home should have a sense of calm and happiness.

Ultimately however, getting the basics of insulation and heating right to provide a healthy home is key.

Sustainability is something Kate and Tania try and incorporate into their interiors. Photography by Meg Whyper

If it was up to us every home would be a smart home.

There’s nothing quite like coming home to the lights on and a warm, welcoming home on a cold winter’s night and all done at the touch of a mobile phone button: “Unlock doors, turn lights on, draw curtains…”  It’s  super easy and oh-so convenient.