Q&A with East Coast interior designer Asha Payton of Little & Fox 2021

Asha’s Payton’s upholstery hobby, plus a love of fabrics, led to the establishment of Little & Fox. The business has a thriving fabric and furnishing store in Havelock North and a showroom in Ahuriri, Napier. She and her team offer design services and made-to-order pieces.

How would you describe your style?

Eclectic but considered. I don’t own heaps of ‘stuff’, but prefer to showcase a few really important pieces that are dear to my heart and that hold history and significance. The other pieces tend to come and go. I get bored easily and I’m well known in my neighbourhood for giving away treasures I’ve bought from vintage and antique shops.


What inspires you about living in your region?

The landscape and the colours. Autumn is my favourite time of year for inspiring scenery. Te Mata [Peak] and the Tuki Tuki Valley are truly magical then.

What’s the last thing you bought for your home?

A scented candle. I love a good candle and light them each night as soon as I get home. It’s a simple ritual but it makes for a lovely sense of calm and a great scent throughout my home.


What was one of the memorable first items you bought for your home?

My GP & J Baker silk velvet curtains in lemon that create a room divider between my kitchen and living. They are totally over the top and opulent, but seriously to die for. Every day I admire and touch them. I love them.

What’s your favourite room in your house?

My bedroom. I have a great view of Te Awanga beach and the sea. It’s upstairs, removed from the rest of the house and I can have a quiet moment to myself (no disrespect to my four beautiful children).


If you were renovating, where would you spend the bulk of your budget?

The kitchen – it’s generally the central hub of a home. That, and good-quality blinds and curtains.

If money was no object, what would you splurge on?

I have an obsession at the moment with hot-rolled steel doors and windows. This is where I’d invest my money.


What’s the trend you wish would make a comeback?

Trends? No. Personally, I dislike the word. Individual style? That’s a big yes.

What’s a trend you’ll be glad to see the back of?

Mmm, following trends.


You’ve got a day to refresh your house. What do you do?

I love to move all of my furniture around. I do this often. You can give yourself and your home a whole new feel.

What should every home have?

Lamp light is essential to create ambience at night. Rugs create texture and layers.


If you could have a ‘house tour’ of any home in the world, whose home would you choose?

Kelly Wearstler, the Los Angeles-based interior designer. She uses bold, timeless design with incredible architecture to excite the senses.




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