Q&A with Katy Husband owner of Canterbury's design and homewares store Feather & Oak Interiors 2020

Feather and Oak Interiors in Rangiora specialises in carefully curated homewares, gorgeous furnishings and bespoke interior design. Katy Husband is the founder and lead designer.

Owner and head designer Katy Husband.

How would you describe your home style?

I have an eclectic style that marries natural elegance, a little midcentury modern, a touch of glam and, hopefully, a little of the unexpected.

What inspires you about living in your region?

I love living in North Canterbury and think we have access to some of the best of what our beautiful country has to offer – rivers, mountains and the sea. We’ve travelled overseas and lived around New Zealand and chose to come back to North Canterbury, and specifically Rangiora, to set up our business and bring up our family.

What’s the last thing you bought for your home?

A gorgeous vole-coloured sheepskin (from Feather and Oak Interiors, of course.)

Chair draped with a luxurious sheepskin.

What’s your favourite room in your house?

Our open-plan kitchen, dining and living area because it really is the epicentre of our home. Most of our living gets done here – all the connecting with loved ones, cooking, eating, laughing, bandaged knees and kisses. This is the area I hope people feel most welcome in our home and the area that best reflects the personalities and stories of our family.

What trend do you wish would make a comeback and why?

We are very fortunate working in a design space where so many past trends and fashions are represented across the industry. You can select the very best from inspired eras and pull together looks you love. We can see beautiful tiles that signify the art deco period, Palm Springs vibes in furniture and the luxe of moody glamour in gorgeous velvets in saturated colours – as well as lots of tribal and indigenous influences. You really are only limited by your taste and style.

If money was no object, what would you get for your home and why?

A building team. We would love to renovate and add on so would make good use of a team of builders.

Where would you spend the bulk of your renovation budget?

In the areas you spend the most time. It makes sense to allocate your spend in the hard-working areas, but also where you get to use and experience it. There are some areas we use infrequently through the day but the places where you cook, bathe and relax in are used all the time.

Neutral and earthy hues are teamed with splashes of rich colour.

What would you go budget on?

An area like a guest toilet doesn’t need to have a high price tag, so throw some great wallpaper at it (all the walls, not just a feature wall). You’ll have a splash of personality and a great ‘wow’ moment for a modest price.

You’ve got a day to refresh your house. What do you do?

Buy fresh flowers and indoor plants, rearrange and style pieces I already have and grab a few new cushions.

What should every home have and why?

Personality! Your home is a reflection of who your are and your stories. It shouldn’t look formulaic or manufactured – it’s a chance to let your personality shine through.

Some of the many stocked items at Feather and Oak Interiors in Rangiora.



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