Bespoke blend

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This bespoke home with four bedrooms is the vision and delightful result of a close relationship between owner, designer and builder. Its purposeful and tasteful design showcases a blend of traditional, luxury and contemporary elements and materials. Stone walls give a feeling of history and permanence. The beautiful spacious bathrooms include wall-hung units, a freestanding bath and floor-to-ceiling tiles. The stunning, modern kitchen is paralleled with a full-length scullery, hidden directly behind. Energy and health considerations throughout the home include a thermally efficient foundation and a ducted heat pump and fresh air ventilation system. Living is spacious and open-plan. The flow is cleverly punctuated into many separate formal and informal areas by artistically placed walls crafted of mixed media materials. Outside this style continues. The generous surrounding garden offers multiple all-round vantage points to admire the architectural exterior, constructed smartly from steel, timber, plaster and stone.


New Home $550,000 - $700,000