Sky’s the limit

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Formerly a plastic fabrication factory and more recently a photo lab, this freestanding building has been transformed into an elegant, architectural inner-city Wellington home. 

To meet local seismic regulations, elegant double PFC portals have been placed within the existing structural bays, then cloaked with architect John Mills’ iteration of a ply-woven Pacific ceiling.

Hand-textured natural plaster finishes the interior walls, along with complementary timber features, while the patina of the original stairs and restored tawa timber tell the tale of the working life of the building. Detailed finishes feature subdued industrial hues, allowing the owners’ art collection to shine.

Sculpting the original building form to create two generous outdoor living areas also allowed for the addition of rustic Siberian larch cladding to contrast with the black plastered exterior.

Skylights and splashes of coloured glass permeate the interior with ever-changing light patterns. The owners feel secure and enchanted in their urban whare.


Wellington / Wairarapa
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